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Building Skills Across Australia.

Helping students build skills and connections.

We travelled around Australia and hosted face-to face workshops with over 40,000 students across Australia. 

Each workshop ran between 50 - 90 minutes. Students were exposed to concepts like:

  • What the Future of Work looks like.
  • Skills in demand for the future of work in your industry of choice.

  • Resilience, adaptability and remaining competitive.

  • Learning what transferable skills are, and understanding how skills are linked to industry.

  • Understanding employability skills.

  • What skills employers are looking for - and how to develop them.

NOTE: In remote and regional areas, workshops were tailored.

Muswellbrook, NSW

Orange, NSW

Tamworth, NSW

Port Macquarie, NSW

Perth, WA

Pilbara, WA

Brisbane, QLD

Coffs Harbour, NSW

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Faces from the Tour

Some photos we've collected around the country.Use this opportunity to provide background for your showcase of photos and images.

Teaching Digital Literacy

Below are some photos of a class breaking out into groups to complete a digital design exercise within a workshop. 

All collateral is provided by The Careers Department.

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