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Talking to real people about their real life experiences with Defence.


This 6-part podcast series interviews service personnel from the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force. 


The campaign aimed to break down unconscious biases, shift student perspectives, and encourage the next generation to consider a broader range of career options within the Australian Defence Force. 

We travelled from Wagga Wagga to Canberra, and to Brisbane to conduct in-person interviews.


In these interviews we chatted to these people about their motivations for joining the ADF, training experiences, day-to-day activities, ‘pinch me’ career moments, and advice for young people considering a career in defence.

By sharing authentic stories from real professionals, the goal was to humanise and demystify careers in defence, making them more accessible and appealing to young people.

We researched, produced, hosted and distributed this series into Australian high schools nationally.


Liam, Year 10, Orange NSW.


"I always thought the ADF was just about combat, but the podcast with the aviation officer showed me a whole different side to the industry. I had never considered this career before, but I am going to look into it now.”


You can listen to the series via your favourite streaming service, by clicking the links below.



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