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Showcasing Undergraduate Courses

with school leavers to allow future students test their interests and skills.


The primary objective of the campaign was to enhance student engagement and interest in various university subjects offered at UNSW.


We worked with the university to produce 8 day in the life videos, which were complemented by 8 Virtual Work Experience modules. The goal was to provide high school students with a hands-on, immersive experiences that could help shape their post high school decisions.

Astrophysics | School of Physics

In this task, students are told that they are assisting a NASA astrophysicist who is examining newly discovered galaxies.


Students need to understand how to measure distance and temperature in space, and different galaxy classifications.

This module was aligned to classroom curriculum to allow for further in school integration.

Bachelor of Vision Science


B. Vision Science | Task Synopsis


Students are told that they are acting as a

vision scientist working at the UNSW Optometry Clinic. They will meet a series of patients who are experiencing visual defects. In this task, they will learn about each patient's symptoms and provide them with a diagnosis.

Bachelor of Food Science


B. Food Science | Task Synopsis

Students are told that they are working as a dietitian. They will need to research, evaluate and recommend substitutes within a popular recipe for a client; a family of four. Each family member has their own unique needs and they are required to design a plan to accommodate the nutritional needs of each of them.

Bachelor of Architecture


B. Architecture | Task Synopsis

Students are told that they are working on an  architecture project for clients, Surf Life Saving Australia and Randwick Council.

Students need to work on a concept for Gordon’s Bay, a popular Sydney beach. They are lead through a client brief and are required to complete a site analysis and abstracted design concepts.

Bachelor of Arts

UN Humanitarian Coordinator

B. Arts | Task Synopsis

Students are told that they are working for the UN assisting in the Syrian refugee crisis. 

Students are responsible for assessing other International Organisations that can assist the UN in their goal at building a political solution that will aid the refugee crisis.

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice | School of Law

In this task, students are told that are acting as a criminologist and have been employed by the local council of a regional town to help address a spike in community crime.


Students need to explore causes of increases in social disorder and anti-social behaviour, before developing a crime management response.

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