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Start Your Future.

Trusted by over one million students, parents and teachers across Australia.


Connecting learners to industry

We make access to, and engagement in, meaningful and relevant careers and skills training a level playing field for all Australian learners.


The goal: To build a more skilled, satisfied, and informed future workforce.


Australian High Schools







Solving problems for

teachers and students...



Maximise careers delivery with access to 800+ content assets (including virtual work experience modules and various ‘tools’.

Easily assign tasks for students.

Teach your way with the ability to customise lessons and sequences.

Track behavioural and intentional student data visually, with user-friendly interfaces.

Integrate careers learning into the classroom with state by state curriculum aligned exercises.

Guide students through subject section.

October 12, 2023



Allow students to ‘start’ careers thinking via profiling exercises.


Engage students with interactive eLearning experiences.


Foster independent learning and encourage student agency via AI technology and recommendation algorithm.


Provide access anywhere on any device.


Create transparency for students and parents to aid careers decisions.


Allow students to build a tangible ePortfolio of work that they can share with industry.

October 14, 2023

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