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Essential Energy

Essential Energy wanted to increase the number of applicants to their apprenticeship program in key regions throughout NSW.

In partnership with Essential Energy, we produced a campaign to boost recruitment for their apprenticeship programs. This initiative aimed to increase awareness and applications for two of their five apprenticeship streams.


The aim was to ‘show’ students inside the average day in the life of a Powerline Worker and Substation Electrical Technician. We travelled to two of their work sites, in Lismore and Tamworth, to ‘shadow’ two of their staff on an average day.

A virtual work experience task provides opportunity for students to 'try' a job or course, before they enrol. It allows them to better understand the skills and nature of a career; and test their aptitude and interest for it. 

We conceptualise each task in collaboration with industry.

In this task (left)  students are asked to: 

1. Assess some drone footage from the region to identify which cross arms require replacing within the Lismore region. 

2. Identify which substation supplies the pole to be worked on using a network map. 

3. Learn the equipment needed; label and order it. 

Virtual Work Experience Modules

Why are they important?

The Careers Department’s core mission is to make access to, and engagement in, meaningful and relevant careers and skills training a level playing field for all Australian learners. This is a benefit to Australia; as we strive to build a more skilled, satisfied, and informed future workforce.

Students are trying to solve 'real challenges' that these professionals would, but from their classroom or home. This allows students; no matter where they are live to participate in meaningful work experience. 

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