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Wellbeing Day: Healing and Connection

Wellbeing Day: Healing and Connection

Secondary Education: High School Teacher

Maya, NSW

Students were instructed to write up a proposal for a “Wellbeing Day” for year 12 students. This would include a list of activities, workshops, guests etc…The students were also asked to put together promotional resources for the Well-being Day along with a ‘Well-being day resource’ for year 12s feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed.

Maya’s Well-being day proposal included a lot of tangible statistical evidence as support. This demonstrated great leadership and information literacy skills. Further, the overall task was well presented and flowed nicely. The choice of a ‘characteristic’ for each task such as “I am resilient” was a unique and effective choice to help structure the day. The pamphlet was engaging and reflected the overall tone of the day very effectively.

Skills Developed: Leadership, Information Literacy, Adaptability, Collaboration, Project Management & Decision Making.

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