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The Making Of: UNSW

The Making Of: UNSW

The primary objective of the campaign was to enhance student engagement and interest in various university subjects offered at UNSW. The goal was to provide high school students with a hands-on, immersive experiences that could help shape their post high school decisions. The following modules were developed:

Bachelor of Architecture

You are working on an architecture project for clients, Surf Life Saving Australia and Randwick Council. You need to work on a concept for Gordon’s Bay, a popular Sydney beach. You are lead through a client brief and required to complete a site analysis and abstracted design concepts.

Bachelor of Arts

You are working for the UN assisting in the Syrian refugee crisis. Since the conflict erupted in 2011, Syria has witnessed unprecedented devastation and displacement. You are assessing other International Organisations that can assist the UN in their goal at building a political solution that will aid the refugee crisis.

On site, capturing the team complete a cross arm change out in Lismore NSW. 

This footage was used to bring to life a 'Virtual Work Experience' module that asked students to label and order the equipment used.

(Scroll down to see a teaser of the final product)


Within the virtual work experience task students were asked to hypothetically  'assess some drone footage from the region' and to identify which cross arms require replacing within the Lismore region.  

Our team captured the content relevant to the brief on site with the team; enabling us to bring to life a 'real' task that someone in the energy industry would do. 


Click PLAY to watch the 'Day in the Life' tour that we produced with Sam.

We distributed this content nationally, as well as built a strategic NSW based distribution campaign to reach key schools and regions within the apprenticeship recruitment pool.

A virtual work experience task provides opportunity for students to 'try' a job or course, before they enrol. It allows them to better understand the skills and nature of a career; and test their aptitude and interest for it. 

We conceptualise each task in collaboration with industry.

In this task students are asked to: 

1. Assess some drone footage from the region to identify which cross arms require replacing within the Lismore region. 

2. Identify which substation supplies the pole to be worked on using a network map. 

3. Learn the equiptment needed; label and order it. 

Meet Brianna, a Substation Electrical Technician.

Click PLAY to watch a Day in the Life tour with Brianna. 

Brianna took us on a tour of a workshop and a substation; explaining how she operates, maintains and repairs HV switchgear and transformers. 

The Making Of: UNSW

The Making Of: UNSW
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