The Opportunity: National tours and face-to-face workshops

Since 2016 we have been running face-to-face workshops in schools. In 2018, we launched our tours - intensive periods where we would hit the road and visit our partner schools in regional and remote areas.

The Careers Department has significant experience in running career workshops on scale. In 2017 TCD ran workshops with 42 rural NSW schools in a two month period; in 2018 the program reached 66 rural NSW schools and 7,920 students; in 2019, 70 rural NSW schools and 8019 students; and in 2020 there were 96 schools registered, reaching 11,865 students. Please note, the 2020 tour was ended half way through due to COVID19 restrictions.


The geo targeted, face-to-face events attracted local and national media attention. In each region the TCD produced event footage (including face to camera testimonials from students, video of industry working with students) that was shared with the school community; and with school permission, with media outlets.


The event footage was also complemented by data led press releases that spoke to the need and purpose of building career insight among school leavers. Media was invited to attend school events, with the permission of the school. The 2 month 2019 event was featured on Prime 7 on three occasions; including in Tamworth, Dubbo and Orange; Sky News, nationally; ABC news, nationally; and Co Founder Samantha Devlin was invited to speak on the Today Show, channel 9 about the initiative.

Supporting the face-to-face workshop, students, parents and teachers continue to engage through our print and digital resources.

The Careers Department has completed face-to-face workshops with over 40,000 students nationally -

bringing together industry, students, teachers and parents.