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The Brief

Find a news article from your local area in the last week. Gather research and interviews of the event and how the public has reacted to it. You will then need to create a script and collect images to make a full story. Please include:

  • The topic of your news story.

  • Is it in a metro or regional area.

  • What time in the news schedule you will be presenting.

Part One

Record Your Story

Now, time to present your story...

1. Present your story through either a voice or camera recording – you must record up to 90 seconds.

2. Your story is ready to go live, however the production team have asked you to cut down your segment. Edit your script and re-record your story to 30 seconds. 

Record Your Story

Part Two

Write a Graphics Brief

  • Your story is ready to go live. You feel it would benefit from some additional graphics to support the story. Write a brief to your design team for what elements for TV you would like to highlight using graphics.  

  • Format: Email or Word document

What is a News Presenter?

A news presenter is a journalist who communicates the news to the public via television or radio. They work with a production team to ensure a seamless broadcast of news stories and events.  A broadcaster may have a field that they specialise in, such as local news, sports, entertainment, or business.

Once you have finished your response please submit it below in one document. Accepted file formats include powerpoint or pdf. REMEMBER if you are including a video ensure you submit the video within a powerpoint presentation so this can be viewed. 

This is a professional document that you are presenting to your client; so you should format the pages to look professional. It needs 'wow factor'.

Good luck!

Thanks for submitting!

Upload File

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Skills you will develop during this task. 
3 hours
Critical thinking
Public Speaking
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