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The Brief

Ground Elements (a boutique landscape design company) have acquired a new client, Jack and Sarah. Here is some important information about their property: ​

  • Two-storey contemporary brick house.

  • They have neighbours either side of the boundary fence.  

  • The back-yard faces north giving them plenty of sunlight, but no shade during the very hot summer. 

  • The couple love to entertain in the garden.

  • Have 3 children aged between 7 and 12, a dog and 4 laying hens. 

Part One

Build a Site Plan Concept


Your task is to copy and paste the siteplan into either HomeStyler or Floorplanner (free CAD programs)

and create a 2D design concept for your client. Feel free to hand draw your site plan. Optional: Make a 3D model. 


Some things to consider:

  • Your client brief.

  • The property is in your local region - use this information for determining what type of flora will thrive (and require minimal maintenance for the busy couple).

  • On your plans, include a detailed key of the plants you have selected to use.

Part Two

Write Up a Quote

Your second task is to provide the outlined costs of this project. Research real estimates of your chosen trees, pathways, shrubs etc. Your client is hoping to keep the project under $35,000. Please fill out and adjust this quoting template to your project. 


Some things to consider:

  • If you are planning the construction of a chicken coop – research how this would be made, what materials it requires and how much that would cost. 

  • Are you looking to buy trees that are partially grown (mature trees) for shade? Or younger trees that may be more cost effective, but you will have to wait for it to grow.

  • What are the labour costs involved?

What is a Landscape

A landscape designer is a professional who designs outdoor spaces and gardens by preparing detailed plans, sketches or concepts for clients. Typically, a landscape designer will have a high level of plant and horticultural knowledge. Designers will apply this knowledge to site specifics, whilst also considering their client’s budget and style.

Once you have finished your response please submit it below in one document. Accepted file formats include powerpoint or pdf. 


This is a professional document that you are presenting to your client; so you should format the pages to look professional. It needs 'wow factor'.


Good luck!

Thanks for submitting!

Upload File

Explore Other Tasks

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Critical thinking
Digital skills
Skills you will develop during this task. 
3 hours


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