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The Brief

Children are expected to be able to recognise (if not write) each letter of the alphabet as well as numbers 1-10 before starting primary school.

You are an early childhood teacher and have been assigned the letter 'Z' for this week’s classes – one of the hardest letters to teach children.

Part One

Create Learning Worksheets

Develop 5 different worksheets that will help students learn the letter 'Z' through reading, writing and speaking.


Remember children need to be engaged in the worksheets so they can absorb information. 

Part Two

Develop a Lesson Plan

Write a detailed 30-40 minute lesson plan on how you would teach children the letter 'Z'. All lessons must include reading, writing, and speaking. They should also include a task that ties everything together.


Here is what a lesson plan template could look like: 

What is an Early Childhood Educator?

Early childhood teachers prepare children for their transition into primary school. This is a very important job as the first five years of a child’s life are vital to their brain development. 

Explore Other Tasks

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Once you have finished your response please submit it below in one document. Accepted file formats include powerpoint or pdf. 


This is a professional document that you are presenting to your client; so you should format the pages to look professional. It needs 'wow factor'.


Good luck!

Thanks for submitting!

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Early Childhood Education

Skills you will develop during this task. 
2 hours
Social Perceptiveness
Design thinking
Critical thinking
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