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The number of relevant* modules the sample group engaged with during 2021-22.

*STEM, Construction, Mining and Property relevant modules

Students considering careers in STEM, Construction, Mining and Property.

*The data looks at a sample group of 2,046 students between term 1, 2021 and term 1, 2022.

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Content shouldn’t take months to produce. We bring industry to students fast, breaking down misconceptions and broadening their perspective on careers, so they can make informed decisions faster.

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Comparison data from a sample group of 2,046* students shows that The Careers Department content has driven a 9.4% increase in students’ intentions to enter STEM, Construction, Mining & Property industries.

TCD Content Impacts Students' Industry Intentions

If they can't see it, they can't be it

Agriculture is one of Australia’s largest industries and accounted for 12% of goods and service exports in 2020-21. However; women are still significantly 

underrepresented in employment.

The New Challenge